Monday, February 20, 2012

Oh right, the username.

Videogame nerd, and I always liked the Legacy of Kain games.  One of the settings was the Termogent forest, and I liked the way it sounded.  The spooky green fires lighting the way were a bonus, too.

Apparently it's based on a real word: termagant.  Something Europeans used to call the god they thought Muslims worshiped (presumptuous Europeans, who knew).  And then Shakespearean-era playwrights got a hold of it, using it to refer to villains in turbans.  It gets better: since men played most of these roles, and said villains wore robes, the audiences started thinking the characters were female, so the word came to mean a quarrelsome, scolding woman.

A bitch, basically.  Which I like, because...well I kind of am a bitch.  So there ya go, storytime complete.

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